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Lightweight Power Chair Reviews The Best Electric Wheelchairs

Lightweight Power Chair Reviews The Best Electric Wheelchairs

Electric Wheel Chairs or Power Chairs are the chairs with electric motors, these chairs are mostly used by people who are especially disabled. The facility you get in powered wheelchairs are break, lightweight, heavyweight, batteries (you can charge them when not in use). There are two types of wheelchairs manual vs power. In power wheelchairs, you have to just press a particular switch to run where else in a manual you have to manually drive the chair. Manual chairs are usually used at homes.

There are two categories of powered wheelchairs one is lightweight and other is heavyweight. Lightweight electric wheel chair generally costs less than heavy wheelchairs. Lightweight wheelchairs are easy to carry, easier to use, lightweight wheelchairs are made of aluminum or sometimes mixed of aluminum and steel. Heavyweight wheelchairs will cost you high. Heavyweight wheelchairs are for people with heavyweights. Heavy wheelchairs are made of steel.

According to customers, the best electric wheelchairs are lightweight wheelchairs. Powered wheelchairs are of three categories portable wheelchairs, outdoor wheelchairs, indoor/outdoor wheelchairs. In outdoor wheelchairs, wheels are bigger in size so that you can drive on uneven roads.

Features of Light Weight Power Chair are;

·         Ideal weight for lightweight power chair is between 25kg- 50kg.

·         Foldable- fits in a car

·         When the battery is low you can convert it into a manual.

·         Anti-flip wheel

·         Adjustable seats,backrest and leg guards

·         Footrest detachable

·         Durable padded full-length armrest

·         Safety belt

·         Comfortable seats

·         Carry pockets

·         Electromagnetic brake

·         Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

·         Foldable backrest

·         Joystick mounts- it helps to get your chair into left and right, higher and lower.

·         Wheels design for uneven roads.

·         Indicator light

·         Speed indication button

 Advantages of powered wheelchairs;

·         Easy and convenient to carry.

·         Easier to use- as you only have control on a joystick

·         People being independent

·         Quick and easy to drive

·         Can drive on uneven roads 

       Disadvantages of powered wheelchairs;

               ·         Expensive

               ·         Repair and maintenance expense is high


Price of wheelchairs depends on what type of wheelchair you are purchasing. Lightweight manual wheelchairs will cost you around £100-£300. Lightweight powered wheelchairs will cost you around £1000-£2000. Heavy powered wheelchairs will cost you around £2000-£8000

Sources to Buy Powered Wheel Chairs

You can buy powered wheel chairs online as well as on any local mobility stores in the United Kingdom. You can get a manual wheelchair from Government of UK if consulted by General Physician, physiotherapist, or hospital staff.  


If we talk about reviews, customers are mostly preferring to have lightweight powered wheelchairs because they are easy to carry in a car. Lightweight powered wheelchair can be carried easily by aged people; it can also be carried by people having physical problems like arthritis. Especially disabled people can enjoy their life with freedom using powered wheelchairs.