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A Guide to the Best Electric Wheelchairs for Elderly People

A Guide to the Best Electric Wheelchairs for Elderly People

Now a day we can see that technology is being used in every job. However, we can only find very few of those technologies which can be very useful to the people and satisfy them. Now, we are going to discuss on the best electric mobility scooter for elderly people. 

Electric Mobility chairs always provide freedom compared to a standard wheel chair. There is no need to take any help to move around, which enables the person to roam freely. Moreover, person can plan the entire day according their own schedule, there is no need to wait for someone to help them to take them out.

Elderly people do have lot of vitamin deficiency. One of the common deficiency observed is Vitamin D. Using the electric wheelchair with their both arms’ won’t make them feel tired due to tension and strength necessary to move the standard wheel chair and increases their overall confidence.

Some pics for the electric Wheel Chair:

 The lists of features which are very useful for elderly person are as follow:

·         Folding Wheel Chair

o   Folding electric wheelchairs, most of the elderly people feel comfortable to live their lifestyle as per their convenience. An elderly person should be able to easily open and fold it in less number of time.

·         Light Weightelectric wheelchair and wider in size

o   Lightweight wheelchairs uk are being designed to fold-up and move easily. One can also fit in car trunk and making it easier to transport.

o   A lightweight chair is a great fit for elderly who have many caregivers with different strength levels.

o   A the wider wheelchair can often provide more comfort for elders who are plus in size or weight.

·         Joystick

o   The perfectly designed joystick makes it better to operate and stop while moving.

·         Transportation:

o   Electric the chair is often prepared which are easy to transport from one place to another. Actually, for an elderly person, this may not be an issue However, another family members may need more flexibility where they can easily fold, lift, and transport themselves.

·         Cost

o   Ideally it varies from $100 to $1000. However, doesn’t fits in everyone budget. They have to be sure to do some research beforehand and try to balance quality and cost before buying it.

·         Battery:

o   All electric wheelchair batteries are advisable to have at least12 volts and are usually fitted in pairs giving total of 24-volt output.

o   Depending on the type of usage battery requires to be replaced within 12-18months.

o   As elderly have to establish daily charging routine, it is advisable to store wheelchair close to a power socket.

·         Climbing ability:

o   It’s important to look for such electric chair that has elderly can individually unfold, climb on it and drive. They should be easy to use so that elder person can get where they need to go without any issues.

Ideally, all the above features are not applicable If the chair is just being used occasionally. However, if an elderly person is going to spend a lot of time in their wheelchair, then we have to make sure that they are comfortable and mobile.


Adoption of a wheelchair on public transport is mostly designed similar to a manual wheel chair. As Lightweight electric wheelchair is constrained with ability of the user to self-propel, it has exceeded the size and weight limits while comparing it with manual wheelchairs. Also, some designs are so big or heavy for some wheelchair spaces and lifts. However, new innovation and technologies seeking to overcome these issues.