SupaScoota Sport XL Folding Mobility Scooter

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SupaScoota Sport XL Portable folding mobility scooter

Unconventional and undeniably different the Supascoota Sport XL challenges the traditional concept of portable scooter design. Its innovative and unique design will leave you asking why it has taken so long to arrive. Simple observation reveals the quality engineering and functionality so you won’t be left wondering how it works. The Supascoota puts the joy back into the journey so you can focus on the destination.

The SupaScoota Sport XL has all the features of the SupaScoota Sport, but has a longer wheelbase for more leg room, a larger weight capacity (up to 21 stone) and twin 180W motors giving you that extra power. The extra leg room, weight capacity and power makes this the ultimate scooter for the adventurer.

With all the features of the superscoota sport, the SupaScoota Sport xl model is suitable for our more demanding customers. Finally a truly portable scooter with extra  leg room Long distance travel in complete comfort or confined indoor use, the choice is yours. Dual motor drive system makes light work of off-pavement use and hills so you can go anywhere with total security. Super light frame design with seat suspension, the Supascoota Sport Xl is designed to handle challenging conditions.

“Engineered for Powerful performance and total reliability with electronic stability control, big pneumatic tyres for extra grip and comfort”

The SupaScoota has many important features that are not normally found on a lightweight scooter, including both forward and reverse drive; automatic electromagnetic and an optional, low-cost stability package helps to make the SupaScoota an incredibly safe mobility scooter that is ideal for both inexperienced users and people with low core body strength.

“A truly unconventional design that challenges the traditional concept of a light weight easy to handle folding mobility scooter, but this one actually works!” FOLDS AND LOCKS FOR TRANSPORT IN UNDER 10 SECONDS.

When the user releases the throttle lever the SupaScoota will automatically decelerate and stop safely through the use of dynamic electromagnetic breaking system. Even when at maximum speed the stopping distance is only 1.5m on level surfaces (removing any danger of the mobility scooter freewheeling out-of-control!) The SupaScoota will stop quickly and safely every time.

Battery upgrade option The supascooter sport Xl can also be supplied with lightweight lithium battery pack for extra range and better performance please call us for pricing as this is an optional upgrade

Product Update Due to the current aviation legislation we now have available a flight friendly lithium ion battery prefect for airline travel please call us before you order for pricing 


Wheel size (front)           200 x 65mm   Wheel size (rear)  260 x 85mm

Ground clearance            45mm ,            Weight (without battery) 34.8kg (77lbs)

Weight (without seat & battery)               24.1kg (53lbs)

Max user weight              133kg (21 stone)

Turn radius         98cm ,    Motor output   2 x 180 Watt

Transmission      Worm drive gearbox

Reverse               Forward/reverse switch

Brakes  Dynamic braking and electromagnetic brake

Battery (SLA)     2 x 12v - 14ah (9kg / 20lbs)

Lithium battery 24V - 15ah (4kg / 9lbs)

Charger (SLA battery)    Off board 24 volt 2 amp

Charger (Lithium battery)             Off board 24 volt 4 amp

2 speed settings               2.4mph / 4mph

Slope grade ability           9 degrees max. Recommended

Travel distance  Up to 12.8km (8 miles) with standard SLA, or up to 19.3km (12 miles) with a 15 ah lithium battery now also available with a smaller 12ah Flight friendly lithium battery  

Arm rests            Padded, flip back, removable

Distance between armrests        45cm - 55cm (18-22 inches)

Speed Reduction System             Reduces operating speed to a safe level when turning

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